All Customized Action Figures Pricing are subject to how customized the figure will be.


The Action Figure in the heading above represents the basic Customized Action Figure Pricing, with includes the package insert and clamshell holder.


The Following basic Customized Action Figure Pricing.

1. The Action Figure (figure body style, figure color, figure clothes).

2. Background Insert for the figure.

3. Plastic Clamshell holder.

When placing an order, facial pictures, Background Insert pictures and Insert Titling will need to be forwarded and agreed on followed by payment of the order.


Total Price for the above basic Customized Action Figure - $99.00

Customized Insert including Pictures & Titling - $25.00

Plastic Clamshell - $10.00 

Additional Shipping and Processing Fees for one figure (Flat Rate) - $11.00


Each Customized Action Figure of $99.00 can be ordered on its own plus the Shipping and Processing Fees of $11.00. This would total $110.00.



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